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The set of actions with the adoption of best ESG practices, programmes and control of economic, social and environmental impacts, sustainable consumption and production patterns, creation and planning mechanisms for effective management, infrastructure with an A+ green building standards construction model, waste management, water and energy efficiency
programmes, with a renewable framework, commitment to combating climate change and its impacts and the encouragement of sustained and socially inclusive economic growth.


In 2017, the Polo Multimodal Pecém agreed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - sustainability commitments proposed by the United Nations (UN - UNDP). Ever since, it has been committed to involving its stakeholders in this global movement and meeting goals aligned with its strategy and operation that integrate ESG principles for building and executing its business, seeking to mitigate risks and create new opportunities. It uses international and auditable standards of economic, environmental and social performance as its basis.

Environmental: Promoting water and energy eco-efficiency, waste management and actions to combat climate change through environmental quality; thereby reducing negative impacts, as well as fostering a Circular Economy through products and services that stimulate the development of businesses aligned with the conservation of the Environment;

Social: Providing education, training and employability, acting for the well-being of people and the maintenance of a diverse environment without discrimination and developing Social Responsibility and Corporate Volunteer programmes;

Economic: Leveraging the local economy in an equitable manner and constantly improving economic performance, the pace of growth and innovation;

Governance: Implement compliance through an integrity and ethics programme, aligning
organisational culture with sustainability principles and valuing digital security.



Smart Chain City has a “Valley” for the installation of renewable and clean energy matrices to supply the demand of companies and businesses installed at Polo Multimodal Pecém and its



Polo Energy is the company responsible for the management of the clean and renewable energy Valley, the objective of which is the
distributed generation and realisation of RD&I projects related to energy and the environment.

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