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In the prosperous symbiotic ecosystem of the Pecém region, we designed a sustainable Smart City powered by blockchain technology to meet the demands of global companies and businesses, promoting innovation and competitiveness and contributing to the progress of the new industrial era.

Polo Swiss Development AG is a Swiss company based in Zug that operates in the Real Estate and Blockchain sectors with the objective of implementing worldwide Smart Chain Cities.

In this regard, the Polo Multimodal
Pecém Smart Chain City is the first
smart city in the world to be powered by blockchain technology.

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We have created an innovative territory with modern and flexible infrastructures, integrated logistics, digitalisation and the integration of services, processes, as well as incentive programmes to help companies operate efficiently and provide growth strategies, and customized real estate solutions.


To add value to business results with efficiency and transparency, establishing ourselves as an innovative, comprehensive and knowledgeintensive logistics and service platform that fosters the conditions for economic, urban and social innovation.


To be a global benchmark in reputation and standards of excellence as an ecosystem of business, investment, entrepreneurship, innovation and productive inclusion.


• We strive to maintain the highest professional standards;
• We lead by example at all levels;
• We work collaboratively and responsibly;
• We innovate in offering strategic and operational services;
• We develop, attract and retain talent.



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