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In the prosperous symbiotic ecosystem of the Pecém region, we designed a sustainable Smart City powered by blockchain technology to meet the demands of global companies and businesses, promoting innovation and competitiveness and contributing to the progress of the new industrial era.

Polo Swiss Development AG is a Swiss company, based in Zug, operating in the Real Estate and Blockchain sectors with the aim of implementing Smart Chain Cities globally, initially in Latin America.

Our first undertaking is the Smart Chain City Polo Multimodal Pecém, a 100% private project, strategically located in the logistical corridor of Port of Pecém region, state of Ceará, northeast Brazil.

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Create new territories through a technology-base, sustainable, inclusive and replicable urban and real estate development model, positively impacting the companies’ performance, conditions that reproduce social exclusion and inequality, and natural resources management.


Lead companies and people, through the construction of innovative territories, towards competitiveness and sustainability, through infrastructure, technologies, services and incentives, promoting productive, digital and social inclusion.


Be a benchmark in reputation and standard of excellence in the development of urban ecosystems, at any time and place, thus expanding the conditions that favor economic, urban and social innovation.


  • Seek constant innovation in all areas.

  • Maintain the highest professional standards.

  • Lead by example at all levels.

  • Work collaboratively and responsibly.

  • Develop, attract and retain talent.



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