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With more than 20 million m² of private land, the Polo Multimodal Pecém is strategically located within the logistic corridor of the Porto do Pecém region, in the municipality of São Gonçalo do Amarante, state of Ceará, in Northeast Brazil.
An innovative location designed to house companies and businesses from around the world, it was designed under the most modern and rigorous criteria for infrastructure, technology, sustainability and governance with the integration of industrial areas, businesses, services, residences, utilities and rail and road access, in addition to the building of structures such as a Technology Centre, a “Valley” for renewable energy generation, as well as an Airport.
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Integration of key modalities to reduce costs and increase efficiency in logistics processes.
Application of innovative and disruptive technologies to add value to activities, products and services.
Promotion and internationalisation by means of customised and integrated installation and operating solutions.
Green building standard, renewable energy matrix, best practices in ESG aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the UN.
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The Polo Multimodal Pecém is a multisectoral project and has five segments

all within a concept of ecourbanism and sustainability:

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The innovative Polo Multimodal Pecém Smart Chain City business model is based on the actual demand of companies and businesses that need guarantees and integration of infrastructures, services, mobility and security for their businesses to grow efficiently.

This model generates economic, social and environmental impacts, as well as contributing to the organic and sustainable development of the various economic activities that are part of the Smart Chain City (shops, banks, hotels, schools, universities, entertainment, hospitals, restaurants, housing, etc.).
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The Polo Multimodal Pecém analyses the needs of each company, proposing customised solutions, guiding and supporting the choice of the best installation and future expansion options:
• Rental of modular logistic sheds with modules from 500m² for fast and efficient installations in “plug and play” mode.
• Construction of tailor-made industrial enterprises in the built-to- suit modality with the addition of a startup service for productive
plants in the turn-key system.
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Lease and sale of urbanised areas for the installation of businesses (industry, commerce and service). 

Rental of areas for warehousing and the storage of cargo and containers connected to the Transnordestina railway via railway branches with loading and unloading yards.

Area planned for the construction of 20,000 houses of various types and designs for sale and rental, mainly to meet the housing demand from companies installed in the Polo Multimodal Pecém.

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with 6.000 m² and 500m² modules
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Intelligence center responsible for the management, services and innovations aimed at providing operational and strategic support to companies and businesses located at Polo Multimodal Pecém.

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