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Smart Chain City infrastructures, spaces, services and processes will be driven by innovative and disruptive technologies, adding value to the activities of installed companies.

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An innovative Technology Centre that houses projects, startups and companies focused on cutting-edge technologies (Blockchain, AI, IoT etc.) and a Competence Centre dedicated to advanced robotics, digital information and communication technologies, as well as 4.0
technologies. This is a key area for applied research, development and innovation, as well as for technical cooperation with national and international universities and research institutes, through which
companies will benefit from guidance, training, technological and infrastructure improvements and experimental development.


Polo Tech is a highly specialised hub, capable of generating knowledge and providing new solutions for the digitalisation of processes, as well as shared creation and development with entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems, adding value and increasing the competitiveness and scalability of companies.


Polo Multimodal Pecém’s innovative processes are based on an interactive digital platform called the Polo Digital Platform, which is conceptually based on interoperability and blockchain technology (smart contracts, smart assets, digital identity) and adequately connected and distributed through technologies such as the IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data and AI (Artificial Intelligence) by integrating the control phases in the areas of infrastructure, services, technology and governance.

The Polo Digital Platform solves, in a simplified and transparent way, the main barriers necessary to attract companies to install and operate in the Smart Chain City. By digitising these processes, a company reduces time, costs and bureaucracy, thereby improving its efficiency and increasing its competitiveness.

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In partnership with the innovative platform of the company Mt Pelerin, from Geneva, Switzerland, Polo Multimodal Pecém had its shares digitalised through blockchain technology, transforming common shares into Security Tokens called Polo Security Tokens (PST), which brings multiple advantages to its shareholders, such as greater transparency, liquidity, security and lower management costs.

The PSTs are backed by the actual assets owned by the company (Smart Chain City areas) and will be traded through smart contracts on the major next-generation international exchanges. This is the first concrete case of share digitalisation of a blockchain real estate company, which is a factor that makes Polo Swiss Development AG a pioneer in technological innovation applied to Real Estate.

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All processes within the Smart Chain City area are driven by innovative technologies available to companies and residents, among them a native altcoin (alternative coin) called Polo Coin. The Polo Coin is the first Utility Token fully applied as an incentive to the promotion and internationalisation of companies, facilitating the safe exchange of products and services within Polo Multimodal Pecém and allowing greater agility and transparency in commercial transactions between companies and suppliers operating in the Smart Chain City.

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