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CSP celebrates transaction in Ceará

It is the first integrated plant in the Northeast Region.

Political and Business Authorities attended the grand opening. (Photo: Aurélio Alves)

Newsroom – O POVO ONLINE

On Tuesday 4, The Steel Company of Pecém (CSP), with an investment of U$ 5.4 billion, officially celebrates the first integrated power plant in the Northeast.

The steel company started its operations in May 2016 and in February this year reached a milestone of more than 1 million steel plates exported.

Attended the ceremony the president of CSP, Eduardo Parente, the Governor Camilo Santana, Murilo Ferreira ,Vale do Rio Doce president, , Sei Wook Chang, Dongkuk CEO, Ohjoon Kwon, Posco CEO, former governors Cid Gomes and Lucio Alcântara, and others political and business authorities.

During the ceremony, the president of CSP, Eduardo Parente, informed that the steel company is responsible today for a capital increase of R$ 540 million in the state's economy annually. He thanked the staff who helped in the construction and operation of the company and also the State Government which, he said, did not take measures to make the venture viable. "The view of the Pecém complex is really impressive."

The governor of Ceará, Camilo Santana, emphasized in his speech the positive impact that the enterprise brings to the State. The CSP production will increase the state's gross domestic product by 12% and industrial GDP by more than half. More than five thousand jobs were generated, not to mention the wide range of business opportunities that arise in the environment. "Actually, it is not only a physical undertaking, a work of iron, steel and concrete, but a work that, undoubtedly, is changing the local lives"

The CSP paid tribute to all the governors of Ceará since Virgílio Távora, when the plan to implement a steel plant to the state started. Present in the event, Lúcio Alcântara, Cid Gomes and Camilo Santana received tribute plates.

The opening ceremony of the CSP ended with the authorities and executives placing messages in a time capsule which was buried under a cashew tree planted on the enterprise’s site and should be opened in 2027.

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