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Blockmaster Forum 2018 presents lectures on Polo Multimodal

Blockmaster Forum brings together experts from around the world to debate blockchain and cryptocurrencies

The BLOCKMASTER FORUM is the leading blockchain event and cryptoactive market, with a focus on business and advanced content.

The event brought together at the Centro Fecomércio de Eventos (Events Trade Center) in São Paulo, on November 12 and 13, a select group of professionals to openly discuss the main novelties and opportunities in the blockchain/cryptocurrency market.

Group POLO MULTIMODAL PECÉM and partners from left to right: Victor Samuel Ponte, Evandro Camilo (founding partner of CY²LAW), André Pinheiro (Legal Advisor of Polo Multimodal), Massimiliano Camozza (CFO & Cofounder of Polo Multimodal).

In its first edition and with a format still unseen in the country, it provided a unique and integrated experience to the world market. Fecomercio – SP received more than 900 people at the Blockmaster Forum. With a focus on quality content, the event brought companies already known to the general public and new projects that intend to revolutionize their respective areas.

Ingrid Barth, Blockchain consultant for Polo Multimodal Pecem, in a lecture on the implementation process at Polo Multimodal.

With emphasis on international speakers who came directly from Crypto Valley, a region in Switzerland that represents one of the most advanced areas in terms of debate and production of blockchain innovations, the event also included a food court that accepted cryptocurrency (through the solution brought by brancryp), three simultaneous stages in which, in addition to the greater interaction of the speakers with the public, the spectator had the opportunity to set their own schedule according to their interest.

Evandro Camilo talks about Blockchain.

In addition to the international speakers, some important names from the national scene were also present. Luiz Calado, former chief economist of the Bitcoin Market exchange, for example, made a presentation and on the same occasion was announced as CEO of Braziliex.

Ingrid Barth talks about the Polo Multimodal Pecem in the Blockmaster.

Polo Multimodal Pecem was present in the Blockmaster with the participation of several members of its board, such as Massimiliano Camozza and André Pinheiro. In addition to participating in the event, Ingrid Barth, Blockchain consultant for the Polo Multimodal, gave a lecture on "Smart Industry - Industry 4.0 and the Polo Multimodal Pecem". Evandro Camilo, co-founder of CY²LAW and also a partner of Polo Multimodal, spoke about Blockchain.

After the lecture, Ingrid Barth had a chat with Blockmaster TV about regulation, tokenization, innovation in Brazil and world views regarding the adoption of Blockchain on a large scale. The interview can be seen in the footage video below:

There was also the launch of some products aimed at ecosystem enthusiasts. At the event, the Citar group presented their OPEY card. In a private party, Atlas launched its gitf card, very similar to the solution already presented and used by CoinWise in events such as the Blockchain Manual, for example. And last but not least, the famous happy socks reached the universe of cryptocurrencies to make the audience's feet more stylish and are available at Crypto Planet.

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