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Blockchain Revolution Series:

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Blockchain Propulsion’s Strategic Alliance to Launch Security Token Offering For Blockchain-Powered City

Blockchain technology has been a buzz world in the recent times, when it comes to this trendy topic then the most appealing aspect is the probable end-to-end solutions that strike a chord in various business domains to get rid of bottlenecks that’s quite prevailing in the current ecosystem.

We would like to reiterate that the lingering prospects among the Blockchain/FinTech space have led the keen interest continues to mount everywhere, reputed institutions from Big 4 auditing firms to the central banks of advanced economies have been investing into R&D projects of blockchain and cryptocurrency gamut.

Blockchain Propulsion, A global accelerator program designed to build start-ups and enterprises into successful blockchain-powered businesses, has announced a strategic partnership with POLO MULTIMODAL PECÉM, a blockchain-powered Smart Chain City.

The companies have collaborated with an intention to unveil a Security Token Offering(STO), providing dividends and investor voting rights for the infrastructure project POLO MULTIMODAL PECÉM to create a blockchain-powered Smart Chain City located in the Port of Pecém, Brazil.

Blockchain Propulsion specializes in bringing together experienced blockchain entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, and investors to achieve the strategic ambition of projects enrolled in the accelerator program.

Although the collaboration with Token Factory, the blockchain technology enabler behind the real-estate tokenization platform blockimmo, Blockchain Propulsion will provide POLO MULTIMODAL PECÉM with the tokenization platform necessary to raise funds and transform an illiquid asset into a liquid investment. Blockchain Propulsion will also provide POLO MULTIMODAL PECÉM with expertise in strategy, complex deal structuring, tokenomics, business model design, and legal and regulatory matters.



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