Polo Pecém Airport

The POLO MULTIMODAL PECÉM airport project foresees its construction at 20 and 55 km distance from the port of Pecém and Fortaleza International Airport.

In the first stage it will include a 1800 mts landing track and two (2) helipads to integrate the logistics area of the region.

Sustainable Multimodal Square


  • Airport Business Plan prepared in modular concept that would allow its expansion to become an airport.

  • Airport projected in a strategic position with capacity to handle business aircrafts Gulfstream G500 and/or commercial jets model A310/B737.

  • Potential markets: “Services” and “Aeronautic Corporate Condominium”. It should also increase value to industrial hubs to be implemented by the POLO MULTIMODAL PECÉM.


  • Air transport is one of the most dynamic sectors of the economy.

  • In 2016, the Brazilian GDP was USD 1.8 trillion, being 0.3% (USD 53.9 billions) coming from aviation.

  • Despite the vast territorial extension, Brazil has only 2,446 airports, which means lack of a better airport infrastructure.

  • The Executive/Corporate Aviation (business aviation) aims to connect origins and destinations in the shortest time and with the greatest possible flexibility. Private aircrafts and helicopters perform a strategic role of leading investments from big cities to the most remote towns, bringing together interests from different areas and interconnecting national companies to global markets

  • The regular air transport appears to be unable to meet the companies needs for versatility and  wide air network. In practice, the business aircraft offers a better reason between “origin versus destination versus total journey time”, what  means increased productivity.

  • The Brazilian business aviation fleet is the third largest in the world, with 1650 aircrafts, only behind Mexico and United States. There are more than 270 aircrafts only in the northeast of Brazil.

Main Brazilian Airports

and Aircraft Flow in real time.




"Today, Ceará is one of the hubs for connecting flights from Brazil to the outside world, which is a trigger for other investments in the state. Of course, there is a dependence on the national economic scenario, but the aviation sector is important axis of growth.

Last year, with the operation of the new concessionaire at Fortaleza Airport in operation, Fraport since January 2018 and the Air France-KLM / Gol hub, since May of that year, were 85% more international flights 2017. The biggest jump registered among the Brazilian capitals.

Regional aviation also saw results. Negotiations to fly to the airports of the Interior intensified. Jericoacoara started to have more investments. Aracati won the eye of business and today inaugurates the Azul flight, coming from Recife." 

Source: O Povo


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