Through the concept of Smart Chain Building, we seek to improve the performance of Polo Multimodal Pecém buildings, simplifying its opperations.

The goal is to always improve operational performance, reduce long term costs and maintain the enviroment sustainability.

This is achieved through constant monitor systems, which provides fast performance info and allows to keep up with the construction systems, antecipate processes improvements, avoid energy and natural resources wastement. All of this integrating modern technology which contribute to the structures. 

The world has already gone through some revolutions in industry, and today it finds itself in what we call Industry 4.0. In it, we find the concept of Smart Industry, which is nothing more than making the most of the industrial process with some of the current technological advances, such as the capacity for processing, transmitting and storing data, with the development of forecast and analysis algorithms, IA, big data, modern sensors, actuators and interfaces.

The Polo Multimodal Pecém is bringing all this concepts to the productive chain of partner enterprises with the goal of becoming the world's reference in Industry 4.0.

Why does Polo Multimodal Pecém wants to build smart?

The cities of tomorrow will be more healthy, confortable, habitable, sustainable, less onerous and will consume less energy than today.

To reach these goals, we believe that the city needs to become more efficient, in one word: SMART.

The possibility that the urban ecosystem is deteriorating because of climate change poses the biggest threat. Our goal is, therefore, that Smart Chain City improves air quality, encouraging electric mobility, promoting energy production and water management through systems that use renewable sources, such as:

  • Photovoltaic

  • Solar thermal

  • Geothermal

  • Wind

  • Water

Land management:

  • Choice of matterials and cost optimization;

  • Choice of manufacturing and pre-manufacturing;

  • Selection of the best construction techniques;

  • Reutilization of matterial;

    • management and use of waste center;

    • constant monitoring of costs.


  • Removal of architectural barriers;

  • areas for pedestrian;

  • limited traffic zones;

  • bycicle paths

  • priority zones

  • smart parking



  • smart leisure spaces;

  • poluent emissions control;

  • smart management of green spaces;

  • solar pumps;

  • energy production through artifacts.


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