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Why Build Smart?

Tomorrow's cities will be healthier, more comfortable, livable, sustainable, less costly and will consume less energy than today.

To achieve these goals the city must become more effective, in a word: SMART.

The possibility that the urban ecosystem is deteriorating because of climate change poses the greatest threat.

Our goal, therefore, is that Smart Chain City improves air quality by encouraging electric mobility and to promote energy production and water management through systems that uses renewable sources such as:

  • photovoltaic;

  • solar thermal;

  • geothermal;

  • wind;

  • water.

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It is also necessary to use materials, manufactured products and "passive systems", such aso:

  • natural ventilation;

  • control of solar radiation;

  • vegetation and water;

  • shape and layout of urban elements;

  • effective artificial and natural lighting;

  • thermal insulation and inertia;

  • absorption / emissivity of surfaces;

  • optical and thermal properties of transparent surfaces;

  • aerodynamic influence among urban elements; 

Land Management:

  • choice of materials and cost optimization;

  • choice of manufacturing and pre-fabrication processes;

  • selection of the most appropriate construction techniques;

  • reuse of materials:

    • management and use of waste centers;​

    • monitoring of costs.


  • removal of architectural barriers;

  • pedestrian areas;

  • limited traffic zones;

  • cycle paths;

  • preferred areas;

  • smart parking.


  • smart leisure spaces;

  • control of pollutant emissions;

  • intelligent management of green spaces;

  • solar pumps;

  • production of energy from artifacts.


  • bicycle sharing;

  • quality monitoring - water, air and energy;

  • payments and transactions made with smartphone;

  • information and events on smartphones;

  • WIFI;

  • solidarity economy;

  • ride;

  • food sharing;

  • trade market;

  • familink.


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