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The Chinese make request for an environmental permit for an oil refinery in Ceará

| The entry in the government | Chinese Qingdao Xinyutian Chemical is responsible for the project.

by Átila Varela

The process for the construction of the oil refinary in Ceará starts to show up. The Chinese enterprise Qingdao Xinytian Chemical, responsible for the project, asked the state Superintendence for the Environment (Semace) for an environmental permit to work in the region.

The Chinese company, which created a branch in Ceará, applied for an environmental license and has a Chinese bank to finance the investments and the area for the oil refinary construction. We are thrilled about it” pointed out the governor Camilo Santana.

The Superintendence confirmed that the Chinese Qingdao sought orientation about the procedures to be taken. “The enterprise commited with the construction of a refinery in our state started the talks with Semace asking for orientation about the procedures to obtain the environmental license laid down in the legislation in force in Ceará” said the agency through a note.

As the project has characteristics similar to the one proposed earlier by Petrobras, the company concerned will have to request the regularization of the installation permit and a change of ownership, up to that moment on behalf of the company.

Despite the governor’s celebration, it will take almost six years before the refinery begin to operate.

This is a prevision made by Bruno Iughetti, an expertise in oil and energy. “If they manage to get all the environmental licenses and the license to operate, the refinery will be working at full capacity in five years. As we know, these procedures will not be ready in less than a year. We can estimate the start of the operational phase in six years”.

The refinery project will be divided in two stages. The first one has to produce 150.000 barrels of oil per day and the second one about 300.000 barrels. The company will build as well a petrochemical plant destined to produce derivates resulting from fossil fuel estimated in US$ 3 billion.

A 600 hectares area has been destined to the venture being 400 hectares allocated to the two-stage project and other 200 hectares to the petrochemical plant. The projects, located in the Industrial and Port Complex Company of Pecém (Cipp), will be built in the Export Processing Zone (ZPE).


The state government has already signed a memorandum of agreement with the Chinese Development Bank to finance the refinery. The total amount of resources is estimated in US$ 4,5 billion.

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