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According to the port authorities, the inaugural port call is scheduled to moor at about 11:00 a.m.

Is expected to circulate about 31.000 containers in Ceará State with this new line of service. (Photo: Natinho Rodrigues )

The first port of call of the sea route between Ceará and Asia (AC5) operated by Maersk Line, Hamburg Süd enterprises and APM Terminals is confirmed to moor at the port of Pecém next Monday (14) around 11:00 a.m.. The vessel is carrying products destined to Singapore, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Colombia and the Middle East. It is expected to circulate in Ceará about 31.000 containers with this operation, increasing the state turnover.

According to the port of Pecém authorities, the cargo to reach the state in its first maiden voyage will have a variety of products. Norbert Bergmann, the Hamburg Süd manager for the Northeast region, says that it will represent an average economy of 10 to 15 days in the load movement towards the Asian destinations which include Singapore, Hong Kong, Busan in South Korea, Shanghai, Ningbo and Xiamen in China.

It will represent a great transit time economy, and time is money. The faster these shipments get to Asia, more time the entrepreneurs will have to negotiate the products. Concerning costs, sea freight is not necessarily the key business but we are working to make Pecém as competitive as Brazil south and south-east ports” said Bergmann to Diário do Nordeste last February 28th.


In order to maximise the competitive potential of the new link between Ceará and Asia integrating the state port hub, the service managers have announced they are working to match the import freight rate in Pecém to the one adopted at the port of Santos. Currently, the companies pay about US$ 1000 less in the port of Santos compared to the rate charged in Ceará.

Nevertheless, the Hamburger Süd manager mentioned that the first voyage bound to Asia ,which finishes next week, will be crucial for the future planning of the pricing model process.The companies involved began to study a way to define the values taking into consideration future planning, besides the new voyages that must take place.


Developed mainly to meet the fruit exporters demands, the new route should attract producers from other segments as well, such as cold stores in the northern to have their product shipped through the port of Pecém. João Momesso, trade and marketing manager of Maersk Line for the east coast of South America says: “We cannot deny that some cold stores, for instance, those located in the north of Tocantins, can start looking to the port of Pecém as an option to have their products shipped. Today, most of the slaughtered meat in that area goes to the port of Santos to be exported” pointed out the Maersk manager.

But according to Érika Campelo, Maersk executive account, the sector that is going to get a great boost is the one of fruit growing which could have a 100% increase in the import-export statistics. One of the reasons for this remarkable increasing is the fact that China has suspended the embargo on Brazil’s fruit market and negotiations were resumed.

This service opens ways for new business, and fruit market should have a great impact as Brazil is reopening trade negotiations with China” she says.

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