Portocem Thermoelectric should generate up to 3000 jobs in Ceará

During the construction phase, the project foresees 1.2 thousand vacancies in the first three years up to 3 thousand in the following years. Investments are in the order of R $ 6.7 billion. Technical opinions of environmental licenses will be evaluated in July

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The plant will use natural gas as an energy source, according to secretary Maia Júnior. (Photo: Helene Santos)

The Portocem Thermoelectric, which can be built at the Pecém Industrial and Port Complex (Pipc), is expected to generate 1.2 thousand direct jobs in the first three years of construction, increasing to 3 thousand workers in the following years. When the plant is running, there will be 150 vacancies.

"It is an investment of approximately R $ 6.7 billion, totaling its installed capacity of 2.6 GW (gigawatts)," said company representative Rachel Starling during a vote on the technical opinions of the State Superintendence of the Environment (Semace) to the environmental impact study and environmental impact report (EIA / Rima) of the thermoelectric plant.

The State Environmental Council (Coema) postponed to July 4 the session after the Public Ministry requested time to the trial.

According to the secretary of State's Economic and Labor Development (Sedet), Maia Júnior, the thermoelectric power plant Portocem will use natural gas as an energy source. "Everything is ready for the thermal. The auction takes place in September. It is an important investment for the state of Ceará. It is not an important investment only because of the generation of energy, it is important also for the supply of gas not only for Ceará, but for the region", said.

Maia Júnior said that the project also houses a Shell buoy port for the entry of natural gas through regasification vessels.


The large enterprise is designed to be built at Pipc, within the limits of the Export Processing Zone (EPZ). Adão Linhares, Energy and Telecommunications executive secretary of the Infrastructure Secretariat, said that the state logistics conditions are important to attract the enterprise. "The only thing we know is that the company has an interest in putting its enterprise in Ceará because of the conditions of logistics and the conditions that Ceará offers and the attractiveness that the state has," he added.

According to him, it is strategic for the Government the gas market of the Northeast to have Pecém as the gateway. "It is an objective of the state to grow in this market. The advantages offered by Ceará are natural, such as tax conditions, with attractive for the natural gas power generation, ease equipment and electrical connection logistics, state interlocution, the positive positioning, the conduct of the environmental part. The investor is very satisfied with this."

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