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Polo Multimodal Pecém teams up with the Security Token Alliance

By Frederik Bussler (CEO at bitgrit. Democratizing AI.)

Tokyo, Japan — July 24, 2019 — The Security Token Alliance, an alliance that brings together organizations advancing the security token industry, is announcing that Polo Multimodal Pecém is among the latest to partner with the Alliance.

The Security Token Alliance is founded on the belief that the present and future of digitized securities will benefit from wide participation in projects and an ecosystem for stakeholder connections. The organization was founded in May 2019 by Frederik Bussler.

Polo Multimodal Pecém envisions an innovative and sustainable “Smart Chain City”​ that leverages blockchain technology to meet the logistics and industrial HUB demands of a thriving symbiotic ecosystem, while contributing towards a positive ecological and social impact. We spoke with the Group CFO of Polo Multimodal Pecém, Massimiliano Camozza, to discuss the industry and our new partnership.

Why Join the Security Token Alliance?

The Security Token Alliance was borne out of seeing the fragmentation and immaturity of a high-potential industry — Security Tokens. We have created a vibrant ecosystem of around 80 industry executives to combat this, including many companies with disruptive visions of tokenizing traditional asset classes. Camozza notes that we are well aligned in this partnership:

“We’re interested to join the Security Token Alliance because we have a disruptive Real Estate project (a development of a Smart Chain City) which will be soon tokenized.”

In other words, Polo Multimodal Pecém is working on an incredible tokenization project.

What Polo Multimodal Pecém Contributes

While the Alliance focuses on providing research support to a network of industry executives, PMP brings one of the first projects of its kind:

“We can contribute because we are one of the world’s first use case of a Real estate development project to be tokenized, where the token represents the share with rights to distribution of dividends and vote.”

In a new financial industry like Security Tokens, seeing these sorts of use-cases is a strong indicator of potential growth.

PMP’s Future

In closing, Camozza discusses some of the company’s next steps as a Security Token Alliance member organization:

“We are in the stage to prepare our marketing campaign to launch our token sale through a Swiss Platform (finma compliant).”

With the current state of the industry — fragmented at best, immature at worst — the Alliance believes that the best way to move Security Token projects forward is with an unbiased, neutral ecosystem for projects. We aim to facilitate open knowledge sharing and collaboration.

The Security Token Alliance is currently signing and on-boarding a wide cross-section of respected security token professionals and organizations with the goal of broadening participation in digital assets in order to create the best financial outcomes for humanity.



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