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Polo Multimodal Pecém - Ceará Global

Seeking to be one of the best centers of innovation in the world, a group of entrepreneurs are building in the region of São Gonçalo do Amarante, near the Port of Pecém (60 km from Fortaleza), in Ceará, the Polo Multimodal Pecém, an area of 20 million square meters, with a project of approximating companies, job creation and a micro economy based on security investment tokens. It will meet the demand from suppliers of the large industries installed in the Export Processing Zone (EPZ Ceará), of national and international industries, distribution centers, commerce and services of the region and the 20 thousand projected residential units.

The project intends to implant solutions for logistics and industry business 4.0, based on technology and sustainability, to meet the demands of the global market and gain recognition as the most efficient and complete logistics and production platform in Brazil. The project is part of the first Crowdfunding Real Estate Security Token of Brazil. It offers and involves three main innovation and interconnection axes, Smart Chain Industry, Smart Chain Building and Smart Chain Factory, which will act as an point of intersection for technologies, from blockchain to Artificial Intelligence; from 3D to intelligent contracts, all to make processes increasingly automated, intelligent and integrated with industry and logistics 4.0, aiming for efficiency and quality and integration with the UN Global Sustentability Challenges.

As a long-term real estate project with an international vocation, it chose to launch a STO of its proposal, the Polo Security Token (PST), which according to the company are securities that represent rights over the company's economic result, as well as such as the right to receive dividends, and which may be traded on the main digital stock exchanges, guaranteeing liquidity at any time for the investor wishing to liquidate the investment itself. Since in Brazil there are still no clear regulations for the public offering and unlimited tokens such as the PST, the company will make the offer through crowdfunding, which although limited, has the potential to inaugurate the investment tokens market in Brazil and is, according to the company, fully regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM).

The Multimodal Polo represents one of the first asset backed tokens, and the initial value of the digital action is backed by the 20 million m² areas already owned by the company. Smart City's progressive construction on the ground will reflect the token price on the exchanges, creating significant value for its investors (Token Holders). [Cripto Fácil]



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