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Polo Multimodal at Cred-Tech Brasil

Cred-Tech Brazil: An unprecedented event, with an exclusive focus on vertical credit, brings together fintechs and traditional players in the chain.

Polo Multimodal at Cred-Tech being represented by the Blockchain consultant Ingrid Barth.

Conexão Fintech has held a networking, business and debate meeting for the first time with a focus on credit fintechs, banks, cooperatives, financial institutions, retailers, regulatory agents, technology companies and other service providers in the sector.

Seeking evolution and a more focused discussion in relation to the horizontal events of fintechs, Conexão Fintech tried to offer to the entire chain connected to credit granting a more in-depth discussion on the future of credit in Brazil, the Cred-Tech Brazil.

The meeting took place in São Paulo, on December 6 and gathered about 350 participants from the main fintechs that are related to the concession of credit, retail banks, digital banks, credit cooperatives, technology suppliers, retailers, regulatory agents and other providers of legal services and consulting that are somehow connected to the chain.

Polo Multimodal, represented by Blockchain consultant Ingrid Barth, participated in the Cred-Tech, lecturing on Blockchain in the credit industry and other innovative initiatives. The partners Jeff Prestes and Thiago Padovan were also present at the lecture "Blockchain and Credit" given by Barth. Cred-Tech took place throughout December 6, 2018, from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm, at the Maksoud Plaza Hotel, São Paulo, SP.

This type of meeting is unprecedented in the country and the discussions focused on the current credit scenario, access to the market by new potential customers, transparency in the ways credit is contracted, new technologies, trends, impacts of fintechs on the market, and all regulatory aspects related to this transformation.

All the dynamics of the congress were conceived to establish new connections and partnerships. The event was attended by startups, spaces for large companies, content and exchange of experiences in the conference room.

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