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PMP benefits from Blockchain technology for the construction of Latin America's 1st Smart Chain City

The Polo Multimodal Pecém will build a modern logistics and industrial platform to enable and boost the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large multinationals.

Make companies competitive through a modern infrastructure in a strategic location. It is with this premise that the Polo Multimodal Pecém, presents itself to the market.

Located in the vicinity of the Port of Pecém, in the Municipality of São Gonçalo do Amarante, State of Ceará and with more than 20 million m² of property area, the Polo Multimodal Pecém was designed by the architect and town planner Alcindo Dell'Agnese within the more modern international standards in terms of infrastructure, technology and sustainability.

The expansion of the Panama Canal in 2016 doubled the transhipment capacity of large container ships (post-panamax) directly benefiting the Port of Pecém, and placing it among the new routes of global logistics.

Assessing the region's potential, the Port of Rotterdam in October 2018 invested US $ 85 million in the development of the Port of Pecém, through a 30% stake in the Port of Pecém's Industrial Complex, including the newly developed ZPE (Processing Zone For Exports), where 27 companies already operate with tax exemption and foreign exchange freedom.

It is in this context that the Polo Multimodal Pecém, a 100% private project, gained strategic importance as a retroportuary logistics and industrial area in proximity and complement the activities of the Port of Pecém's public Industrial Complex.

With more than 20 million square meters of land acquired in a strategic location just 15 km from the Port of Pecém's Industrial Complex and the ZPE, the Polo Multimodal Pecém will build a modern logistics and industrial platform to enable and boost the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises companies (SMEs) and large multinationals.

“We are a unique project in Latin America in terms of size, socioeconomic impact and turnover, due to the differential of being located in a strategic area in great development. In addition to being increasingly targeted at the ambitions of the major international players” reveals Sebastiano Di Ruocco, CEO of Polo Multimodal.

The Polo Multimodal Pecém will meet the demand of the suppliers of the large industries located in the Processing Zone for Exports (ZPE), of national and international industries, distribution centers, commerce and services of the region, and the 20 thousand projected residential units.

“The area of ​​the project chosen was strategic, as it combines the Multimodal Pole, the Port of Pecém and the Zone of Processing and Export - ZPE, creating a real chain of innovation that involves industries of various sizes and segments” avalia Sebastiano.

In addition, the Polo Multimodal Pecém provides the logistics hub and industries with customized solutions and innovative technologies to improve process management and the entire value chain, leveraging the competitiveness of business and the Brazilian economy.

Leading solutions for business in logistics and industry 4.0, based on technology and sustainability to meet the demands of the global market and gain recognition as the most efficient and complete logistics and production platform in Brazil.

“In the prosperous symbiotic ecosystem of the Port of Pecém region, we have designed an innovative and sustainable Smart Chain City to meet global logistics and industry demand, benefiting from blockchain technology while contributing to a positive ecological and social impact” explains Di Ruocco.

As a long-term real estate project with an international vocation, the Polo Multimodal chose an innovative financial instrument with global reach, for which the Security Token was chosen.

Polo Security Tokens (PST) are securities that represent rights over the economic result of the company, as well as the right to receive dividends, and that can be traded on the main digital stock exchanges, guaranteeing at any moment the liquidity for the investor that wishes to liquidate the investment itself.

“We are the first venture to announce a Security Token offer for a Real Estate project in Latin America. In the world scenario Security Token represents a global trend in strong growth in financial markets,” finaliza o CEO.

In Brazil, there are still no clear regulations for the public offering and unlimited tokens such as the PST. Therefore, our lawyers have opted to make the offer via crowdfunding, which, although limited, has the potential to inaugurate the investment tokens market in Brazil and is fully regulated by the CVM.

The Polo Multimodal represents one of the first asset backed token, and the initial value of the digital action is backed by the 20 million areas already owned by the company. The progressive construction of Smart City on the ground will reflect the token price of the exchanges, creating significant value for its investors (Token Holders).



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