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IS. SMART is created in ISCW 2017

INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION / Formation of the Research Group IS. SMART as a result of the ISCW 2017 in Brazil.

An international working group began with the formation of the Organizing Committee of the first "International Workshop on Innovation on the Smart Construction of the World - ISCW 2017", as recorded in the image below. In 2018, the event took on the concept of Smart City and was renamed "Innovation on the Smart City and Construction's World - ISCW".

The event was held in Fortaleza, Brazil, on October 3, 2017, and counted on the participation of the following organizations:

  • Universities: Federal University of Ceará-UFC (Brazil), International University of Rabat- UIR (Morocco), University of Turim- UNITO and Polytechnic of Turim- POLITO (Italy);

  • Brazilian Institutions: Institute of Architects of Brazil-IAB, Brazilian Association of Portland Cement-ABCP, Union of Cement and Artifacts Producers-SINPROCIM, Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomy- CREA and the support of Brazilian Association for Technical Standards-ABNT;

  • Firms: MAER G&P Consulting Services Ltd (Brazil-Italy), Industrial Company of Cement APODI (Brazil), I.T.E. Sarl (Morocco), MC Bauchemie (Multinational), Architalia Sarl (Morocco) and MRG Technology (Brazil).

Following the successive meetings of the working group with videoconferences and the ISCW event, the following criteria have been taken into account:

  • the presence of a team of professionals from Brazil, Italy and Morocco;

  • the previous professional and personal experience in different countries with Islamic and Middle Eastern architecture;

  • and the deep interest in research and development (R & D) applied to Islamic technology, architecture, urbanism and design;

Therefore, it is expected that the IS.SMART Research Group will be initially constituted by such representatives, up to the present, and may be extended to future participants from different institutions.


The main objective of this project is the creation of the first international center and research group in Brazil, Morocco and Italy on Smart Cities, Intelligent Materials and Islamic Architecture, including studies of technological solutions involving the areas of Architecture and Urbanism, Materials and Chemistry. Thus, the production of knowledge is aimed at building, valuing and preserving the historical, artistic, architectural and technological heritage from the Muslim occupation of cities. Also, it aims at a systemic approach on the integration between Islamic interventions in the old city and the new futuristic city, including "Smart Cities" and "Smart Materials".


This Extension Program comprises a set of integrated activities, with a minimum expected term of 5 years, aimed at the foundation and consolidation of the IS.SMART International Center, promoting projects and other extension activities. The guidelines and scope of interaction with society are integrated into the teaching and research lines developed at the UFC in terms of its political-pedagogical and institutional development projects, as well as the UIR and UNITO foreign universities and the company MAER Ltd. The organizational structure and team of founding members of IS.SMART is specified below:

Proponents and Executing Institutions

Name: Federal University of Ceará – UFC

City/Country: Fortaleza/Brazil

Name: International University of Rabat – UIR

City/Country: Rabat/Morocco

Name: University of Turim – UNITO

City/Country: Turim/Italy

Name: MAER G&P Consulting and Services Ltd.

City/Country: Fortaleza/Brazil

Prof. Dr. Walter Gaj Tripiano – Coord. Cidades Inteligentes– UIR;

Prof. Dr. Claudio Minero – Coord. Química Inteligente – UNITO;

Vittorio Ghia – Coord. Tecnologias e Produtos Inteligentes – MAER/G&P Consulting e Serviços.

Founding Members:

Professor doctor Nadia Khaled Zurba – General Coordinator – UFC;

Mr Vittorio Ghia – International Coordinator – MAER;

Prof doctor Walter Gaj Tripiano – National Coordinator in Morocco – UIR;

Prof doctor Claudio Minero – National Coordinator in Italy – UNITO.

Sector Coordination:

Prof doctor Imane Bennani – Architecture and Islamic Urbanism – UIR;

Prof doctor Romeu Duarte Júnior – Coordinator Historical Islamic Heritage – UFC;

Prof Architect Youssef El Ganadi – Coordinator Islamic Design – UIR;

Prof doctor Nadja Khaled Zurba- Coordinator Smart Materials – UFC;

Prof doctor Walter Gaj Tripiano – Coordinator Smat Cities – UIR;

Prof doctor Claudio Minero – Coordinator Smart Chemistry – UNITO;

Vittorio Ghia – Coordinator Technologies and Smart Products – MAER/G&P Consulting and Services.


  • Walter Baricco, Architect, National Order of Architects – (Researcher) Islamic Architecture, Reggio Emilia, Italy;

  • Prof doctor Almir Farias Filho, DAU/UFC – (Researcher) Smart Cities, Fortaleza, Brazil;

  • Raul Fernandes Nogueira, undergraduate student DAU/UFCA – (Volunteer Researcher)Smart Cities, Fortaleza, Brazil;

  • Marizia de Almeida Martins, technical-administrative server DAU/UFC – Secretary Center IS.SMART, Fortaleza, Brazil.

  • Edelino Alves dos Santos, technical-administrative server DAU/UFC – Secretary Center IS.SMART, Fortaleza, Brazil

  • Luiz Eduardo Furtado Valente, technical-administrative server DAU/UFC – Secretary Center IS.SMART, Fortaleza, Brazil

  • Students, Graduate and Post-Graduate researchers of the participating universities.

Further details on IS.SMART in:



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