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Fraport tries to secure Latam Hub in Fortaleza after obtaining concession

German company took over Fortaleza Airport during concession. Roberto Cláudio visits the manager of german company.

Manager of Fraport tries to secure Latam Hub in Fortaleza. (Photo: Fortaleza City Hall / Divulgation)


Stefan Schulte, Fraport executive, the company which obtained the concession of Fortaleza Airport for US$ 425 million, meets next week with Latam representatives to try to ensure the airline hub in the capital of Ceará. The information was passed on by the mayor of Fortaleza, Roberto Cláudio, who met the company’s CEO in Germany on Wednesday (29).

The possible implementation of a Latam Hub will guarantee the tourism history in Fortaleza a new chapter” said Roberto Cláudio.

In his presentation to Fraport’s management, Roberto Cláudio highlighted the potential of Fortaleza for the attraction of other investments in areas related to the airport administration. “We are formally announcing our willingness to ensure the training and improvement of professionals who can work in all these activities. At the same time, we want to inform about some measures already implemented or in process of being implemented, to encourage investments with tax incentives and to reduce bureaucracy, which will also guarantee private public arrangements, such as the consortium for urban operations.

“We are preparing to operate, attracting more companies and more flights to Fortaleza airport” said the Fraport manager.

Roberto Cláudio also announced that both the State Government and the City of Fortaleza are willing to intervene, along with the airport new manager, in actions to promote Fortaleza as a tourist destination or even as a tourist hub.

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