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Fortaleza, the best capital to invest

Fortaleza presents great potential for attracting new businesses (Press Release)

In order to stimulate entrepreneurship and valorize the characteristics of the city, The City Hall of Fortaleza is creating an environment conducive to the emergence of business opportunities in strategic areas for the municipality. And the results, which have already begun to appear, are serving as a platform for the development of the city and the creation of more jobs and income for the population, even in this period of economic turbulence in the country.

Laws and Incentives, Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), the debureaucratization of business environment and investment in training for the labor market are indispensable mechanisms to foster the emergence of new companies and the growth of those that already exist.


Elected in 2015 as the best capital in Brazil by the new multinational consulting firm Towers Watson, Fortaleza has great potential for attracting new business since it has the largest concentration of fiber optic submarines in the Americas (eight submarine cables, with 15 points of entry and exit of these cables). With its privileged and strategic geographical position, close to the United States as well as to other continents, Fortaleza is the second city in Brazil to have created new employment opportunities from 2013 to 2016.


To further strengthen this scenario, the City Hall has made a series of investments in urban mobility, which make traffic in the city more fluid, both for people and products. These are new roads, tunnels, flyovers, bus lanes and one can notice a continuous effort to make public transport more and more integrated and efficient.


A way of attracting private investment in the municipality is to integrate private interest to the public, using concessions, public-private partnerships, urban businesses, among others. The City Hall is using the Instruments of the City Statute, regulated in the Municipal Urban Law, to be able to realize more investments of large and medium-sized companies.


In order to overcome the challenge of debureaucratization, was created a program denominated Fortaleza Online, a licensing system that guarantees mobility, accessibility, agility and transparency, with permits and licenses issued immediately or within 48 hours. The licensing process is informative, and those involved are co-responsible. With the implementation of the system, there have been

improvements in urban-environmental control, in more authorizations and licenses issued and effective inspection, in addition to the increase in tax revenues.


Some measures are also envisaged to complement tax incentives already under way in order to expand the incentive areas, such as the Fortaleza Economic Development Program (PRODEFOR) and the Support Program for Technological and Creative Parks of Fortaleza (PARQFOR), which promote attraction and development of new businesses through the reduction of municipal taxes (IPTU, ISS and ITBI).

Along with it, there is the work to amend the Fortaleza Master Plan, the approval of the Code of Works and Positions (Code of the City) and the Land Use, Occupation and Subdivision Law, aimed at reducing bureaucracy, as the dynamic plan integrated to the Fortaleza Online program.


The City Hall is offering support for the internationalization of companies in the actions aimed at valuing entrepreneurship as well as training in Management, technical consulting, Mentoring Program and the creation of Business Incubators.


The plan also has an incentive to join the labor market based on training actions such as: Sustainable Entrepreneurship Program, Fortaleza Bilingual, business incubators, programming and software development and training program aimed at attracting new companies in partnership with the private sector.

This set of integrated actions provides a clear access to the actions of public authorities in a transparent way, resulting from a more present management in people’s life, making Fortaleza one of the least bureaucratic cities of Brazil, with an environment of innovation and generation of opportunities throughout the city.


  • The 5th city of Brazil in population;

  • Reference in higher education, with the best public and private university in the north / northeast region;

  • 3rd city of Brazil in real estate investments;

  • 2nd city of Brazil having created new jobs in the period 2013-2016;

  • a flat city 100% urbanized;

  • 8th position in the ranking of cities of the future (Financial Times 2017);

  • 2nd city of Brazil with an important metropolitan area compared with other cities;

  • The highest concentration of submarine fiber optic cables in the American continent;

  • 6-7 hours away from international tourist destinations;

  • 35 km of urban beaches with sun and wind all year round.

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