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For the second consecutive year, ZPE PECÉM was highlighted in Financial Times publication

English newspaper recommends Export Processing Zone of Ceará to foreign investors; the Industrial Hub in Manaus had the best evaluation in the category “The largest America’s Tenants”.

Brasília (October 17) – For the second consecutive year the Export Processing Zone of Pecém (ZPE) has been recommended to foreign investors by the British newspaper Financial Times.

The publication, specialized in pointing out business opportunities in several segments, included the ZPE in “The largest America’s Tenants” and “Infrastructure Upgrades” categories. The report describes the facilities offered by the port complex of Pecém capable of receiving post-Panamax ships and is equipped with six-kilometer-long conveyor belts suitable for transporting oil and coal.

For the deputy executive secretary of the National Council of Export Processing Zones (CZPE), Leonardo Rabelo de Santana, the awards are the acknowledgment of the work developed, in recent years, to consolidate the Brazilian ZPE regime as a tool to stimulate new productive investments to the country. In this task, form part of this compromise Ceará Processing Zone Managing Company, Ceará State Government and the National Council for Export Processing Zones, chaired by the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (MDIC).

"The ZPE has expanded employment and income levels and increased national exports. The Zone stands out as a reference for possible foreign investors, combining the incentives of the Brazilian ZPE regime with other important elements of competitiveness for the companies located there, such as differentiated logistics and investments in labor training of the Industrial Complex and Port of Pecém”, said Rabelo.

Last year, the ZPE got the best rating in the “Latin America and the Caribbean Largest Tenants” category. It also received honorable mentions in three categories: Award for supporting education and training, Award for infrastructure upgrades and Award for expansions.

As explained the director of the Zona de Pecém, Mário Lima, the positive results achieved in 2016 and this year are the consequences in the articulation of different players. "It is the recognition of the effort made by the Government of Ceará, together with the state's team, to provide the ZPE Ceará with a complete infrastructure to receive investments of all sizes. To achieve this, the State Government has offered, in addition to the fiscal, administrative and exchange benefits, skilled labor, technology and modern infrastructure. These initiatives have made the ZPE Ceará one of the most attractive economic zones in the Americas," he said.


Manaus Industrial Hub also obtained the best rating of the Financial Times in the category of ”America’s largest tenants” and received mentions in the categories “Expansions and New Investments”.

Considered as one of the most modern in Latin America, the hub brings together cutting-edge industries from the areas of electronics, two-wheeled vehicles, optical products, computer products and the chemical industry.

In 2017, Suframa's Board of Directors (Superintendence of Manaus Free Zone) approved some industrial projects involving investments of U$ 774 million and generating about 3,050 jobs.


The Export Processing Zones are free-trade areas open to the outside world destined to the installation of companies with export-oriented production. For customs control purposes, ZPEs are considered Primary Zones.

As an instrument of industrial policy, the Zones seek to strengthen the balance of payments, attract foreign investments, increase the competitiveness of Brazilian exports, generate employment and spread new technologies in the country.

Companies that settle in ZPEs have access to specific benefits in tax treatment, exchange and administrative issues. For the acquisition of goods and services in the domestic market, the collection of IPI, Cofins and PIS / Pasep is suspended. In exports, the Merchant Navy Renewal Freight Additional (AFRMM) and the Import Tax (II) are also suspended.

Imports and exports companies authorized to operate under the ZPE regime also have exemption from licensing or authorization of federal agencies, except sanitary standards, protection of the environment and national security.

In addition to these incentives, the enterprises installed in ZPEs located in the Northeast and North (Legal Amazon) have access to other tax benefits under the Northeast (Sudene) and Amazonia (Sudam) Development Superintendencies, including a reduction of 75% of Income Tax.

Some states, such as Ceará, have also offered incentives for ICMS (Tax on Circulation of Merchandise and Services), according to ICMS Agreement No. 99/1998 of the National Council of Finance Policy.

In return for this package of benefits offered by the government, companies operating in ZPE must earn 80% of their annual gross revenue from exports. Regarding the eventual sales to the Brazilian market, all taxes and contributions payable by Brazilian legislation are fully charged.

One of the main differentials of the regime of the Export Processing Zones is the greater legal certainty offered to the companies. The incentives provided for the industrial projects installed in ZPE are guaranteed for a term of up to 20 years.


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