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Entrepreneur Sebastiano di Ruocco receives Citizen's Title from Ceará

Solemn ceremony of delivery of the Title of Citizen from Ceará to the businessman Sebastiano di Ruocco. (Photo: Dário Gabriel)

The Legislative Assembly delivered on Monday (15/12), during a solemn session in Plenary on May 13, the title of Citizen from Ceará to the Italian businessman Sebastiano di Ruocco, in recognition of the relevant services provided to the state of Ceará. The honor meets the request of Paulo Facó (PTdoB). The parliamentarian recalled in his speech the importance of Italians to local history.

Sebastiano di Ruocco said that citizenship from Ceará is an honor. Born in Turin (Italy) in 1980, Ruocco invests in real estate in Ceará since 2009, mainly in the municipality of São Gonçalo do Amarante, located in the Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza (RMF). The total area of ​​land that the entrepreneur and partners of Ceará acquired in São Gonçalo Amarante and other areas of the west coast reaches 5 thousand hectares.

The Honorary Title of Citizens of Ceará is granted by the Legislative Assembly to non-naturalized Brazilians and foreigners who have rendered relevant services to the State of Ceará. Participated in the solemnity the mayor of São Gonçalo do Amarante, Claudio Pinho; the councilman Péricles Roberto de Lima, leader of the Government in the City Hall of São Gonçalo do Amarante; the honorary consul of Ecuador, Sérgio Bayas Queiroz; the lawyer Rachel Melo; the president of the Italian Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, Cesare Villone; and entrepreneurs Sacha Ribeiro Jucá and Crisanto Teixeira Lima.



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