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Ceará and Pernambuco lead potential of NE ports advance

| In the short term | Terminal operators estimate that, with Pecém (CE) and Suape (PE), Region can increase business by up to 25%


Datamar's ECSA Conteiner Terminal Report 2019 survey points out that the growth potential of Northeast of Brazil, led by the ports of Pecém (CE) and Suape (PE), is the highest among all regions, according to port terminal operators.

Directors and authorities of 22 Brazilian ports were consulted, six in Argentina and two in Uruguay. Among those interviewed, the region's confidence index for development is high. For them, the movement of containers can grow by 25% in "short term", unspecified.

"This region always amplifies the Brazilian situation. When Brazil goes well, the Northeast goes even better," said one of the directors in the region, according to material released by the survey, published at the transport and logistics fair of Intermodal South America in São Paulo.

The Pecém Industrial and Port Complex (PIPC) was the highlight of the event. Not only for the sound of forró that came out of the huge booth, but for the possibilities of operating in a Export Processing Zone (EPZ) in full development, and of the weight that has the partnership with Port of Rotterdam, Dutch that manages the Port of Rotterdam, and now has 30% of the shares of the Development Company of PIPC.

New cargo routes were also presented during the fair. "It's our 14th participation in Intermodal South America and the results are always positive. In this edition we noticed that the presence of partners increased and our contacts were excellent. We took the opportunity to present our new transatlantic fruit transport routes through the Port of Pecém (CE), as well as the new real-time tracking device for dry loads," said Thiago Lopes, Marketing Manager for Latin America at MSC Mediterranean Shipping from Brazil.

It is expected that new routes to the Middle East and the Mediterranean region will be opened in Ceará in September this year, which should impact the growth of the fruit segment in the Port of Pecém by about 15%. It will be easy for the products to arrive in Spain and also in Italy.

In addition to the Cipp Development Company (PIPC S.A), the Association of Companies of the Pecém Industrial and Port Complex (ACPIPC) was also present at the event in São Paulo. "Many companies are looking for the region to invest and we are here to present and show that they have an association that takes care of the companies. We act in the interest of the members. We have 12 forums. In each one, we defend flags," explains ACPIPC's project analyst Sandrine Mont'Alverne. The entity has 31 associates who together account for 92% of the Complex's wealth in Ceará.

Company launches logistics for land and sea

A.M. Moller Maersk, a transportation multinational, has launched a new integrated end-to-end logistics provider that offers for the first time transportation and container freight services by land and sea for Brazilian, Argentine and Uruguayan clients. "Maersk is not just a transportation line, we have completely redesigned our company and developed an integrated network of trucks, railways, terminals and ships," said Antonio Dominguez, CEO of Maersk East Coast South America.

A.P. Moller Maersk's goal is to do not only transport, but cargo integration. APM Terminals Pecém, part of the group conglomerate, represents 13.3% of the total volume of 2.13 million TEUs (20-foot container transport unit) moved at terminals operated by APM Terminals in Brazil in 2018.

"The business environment was intense and new partnerships were consolidated throughout the event. The balance of the fair is that the country can count on the segments of logistics, cargo transportation and foreign trade to promote development.The sector is prepared" , says Marco Basso, president of Informa Exhibitions, organizer of the event.

Partnerships in the event

A partnership between Marcopolo Rail and Aeromovel launches a new model of electric passenger transport operating in Porto Alegre since 2013. The cars have the capacity to carry 282 passengers in a vehicle under zero-carbon rails.

Detachable storage sheds have also gained more demand in recent years. The Brazilian Topics offers solutions for various types and sizes of companies that need to store goods for a given period of time.


In this edition of number 25 of the Intermodal were gathered 400 exhibiting brands, from 22 countries.


The truckers' first request is for the minimum wage of the freight table. The second is the price of diesel. The third concerns the construction of more structures for rest stops.



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