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BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION Partners with POLO MULTIMODAL PECÉM to Launch Security Token Offering to Fund

Security Token Offering will offer dividends and investor voting rights for the mega infrastructure project POLO MULTIMODAL PECÉM – a blockchain-powered Smart Chain City

Zug, Switzerland — 18th June 2019BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION, a global accelerator program designed to build start-ups and enterprises into successful blockchain-powered businesses, has announced a long-term partnership with POLO MULTIMODAL PECÉM, a blockchain-powered Smart Chain City. The companies will collaborate to launch a Security Token Offering (STO), providing dividends and investor voting rights for the infrastructure project POLO MULTIMODAL PECÉM to create a blockchain-powered Smart Chain City located in the Port of Pecém, Brazil.

BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION specializes in bringing together experienced blockchain entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, and investors to achieve the strategic ambition of projects enrolled in the accelerator program. Through its partnership with TOKEN FACTORY, the blockchain technology enabler behind the real-estate tokenization platform blockimmo, BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION will provide POLO MULTIMODAL PECÉM with the tokenization platform necessary to raise funds and transform an illiquid asset into a liquid investment. BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION will also provide POLO MULTIMODAL PECÉM with expertise in strategy, complex deal structuring, tokenomics, business model design, and legal and regulatory matters.

Stefan Deiss, CEO and Founder of BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION, said, “BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION has high standards for projects enrolled in its accelerator program, and POLO MULTIMODAL PECÉM has exceeded these criteria. The plan to build this blockchain-powered city is now being spearheaded by a consortium of experienced blockchain entrepreneurs. Our partnership with TOKEN FACTORY will allow us to empower POLO MULTIMODAL PECÉM with a state-of-the-art and battle-tested technology stack for the tokenization of assets, STO launchpad, and the subsequent trading of these assets.

Through the tokenization of the real-estate assets in the Port of Pecém and the launch of an STO in Switzerland’s Crypto Valley, POLO MULTIMODAL PECÉM intends to raise the investment needed to fund the construction of the Smart Chain City. Early-stage investors will receive dividends and voting rights, along with the option to convert their Security Tokens into equity in the Swiss registered legal entity of Polo Swiss Development AG, headquartered in Zug, Switzerland.

Massimiliano Camozza, Co-Founder and CFO of POLO MULTIMODAL PECÉM, said, “Through the tokenization of our assets, we can raise the investments needed to develop an innovative and sustainable blockchain-powered Smart Chain City, while contributing to a positive social impact in the region.

TOKEN FACTORY’s Tokenization-as-a-Service (TaaS) solution is built on the public Ethereum Blockchain using the existing standards. Earlier this year, the blockimmo platform was used for Switzerland’s first ever property tokenization and transaction, which is the same solution applied for the tokenization of 20% of blockimmo’s private equity, with its own security tokens (‘IMMO’) now trading with liquidity on the decentralized security token exchange of STX.SWISS.

Bastiaan Don, Founder and CEO of TOKEN FACTORY, said, “Through our strategic partnership with BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION we can apply our unique solution, enabling anyone to invest in exciting projects like POLO MULTIMODAL PECÉM. Our solution not only unlocks liquidity from a historic illiquid infrastructure asset, but enables the acquired shares (security tokens) to be traded on a decentralized exchange – offering investors flexibility to exit or further invest in the development project at any time.

Deiss concluded, “Executing large and complex infrastructure projects can be a challenging undertaking, in particular when considering the legal, regulatory, tokenomic and technological aspects that need to be carefully addressed in relation to the asset tokenization process and in launching an STO. BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION is excited to offer its specialist expertise, technology, and trusted track record to POLO MULTIMODAL PECÉM as it embarks on this promising and ambitious mission.

To learn more about POLO MULTIMODAL PECÉM – The Smart Chain City, watch this video.



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