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Angola Cables to invest US$50 million in Fortaleza this year

The amount is part of the US$ 300 million that the data delivery company via fiber optic cables will do in the City with its three projects.

3D project of Angola Cables data center in Praia do Futuro, Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil.

by Beatriz Cavalcante – O POVO ONLINE

Angola Cables, a telecommunications company in Luanda (Angola), plans to invest US $ 50 million by the end of this year in its three projects in Fortaleza. US$ 10 million have already been transferred this month, according to Rafael Pistono, CEO of the company in Brazil.

Today the company is in the final phase of the Monet system, a submarine cable with fiber optic technology that connects Santos (SP) to Miami (USA), through Fortaleza. "We are in the phase of terrestrial constructions, with 80% of the project as a whole built," he says. The estimate is to complete the system, with consequent start-up between September and August of this year.

At Praia do Futuro, the South Atlantic Cable System (Sacs) station is also under construction, linking Luanda to Fortaleza and is already 50% complete. Last week, the company did a survey to map the route and seabed where the cable will be installed in open sea.

The company is still building a data center at Praia do Futuro, in which the Monet cables will be interconnected. The completion forecast is for the first half of next year. The venture will allow other companies to interconnect their systems to it. "We want it to be a great global and national interconnectivity hub, a great provider of content," says Rafael.

Altogether, the three projects will receive a US$300 million investment. The Monet system is partnered with Google (with fibers in the cable), Algar (with a fiber) and Antel (with a one fiber). Angola Cable has two fibers.

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