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10 year challenge: see the evolution of infrastructure works in Ceará

The selection of photos below shows the progress made in the premise in ten years, considering the period between 2009 and 2019

Projects such as the one of CSP have been changing the state's economy since 2009. Photo: Helene Santos

Fortaleza Airport:

The change of management of Fortaleza Airport, granted to the private sector in 2017, was one of the main modifications that the premise went through. Currently, the airport is undergoing a modernization and expansion reform that should be completed in 2020.

Airport - 2009

Airport - 2019

Ring Road:

The duplication works of the Fourth Ring Road have experienced mishaps in the last ten years. The interventions were announced in 2010, started in 2011, halted in 2015 and effectively started only in 2017. The duplication should be completed by the end of this year.

Ring Road - 2009

Ring Road - 2019

Steel Company of Pecém:

The company was created in 2008, but only began operations in 2016. Currently, CSP is one of those responsible for improving the state's trade balance results.

CSP - 2009

CSP - 2019

Port of Pecém:

In the last ten years, the partnership with the Port of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, has been one of the highlights in the history of the Port of Pecém. Nowadays is known as the Complexo Industrial e Portuário do Pecém S/A, (Industrial and Port Complex of Pecém S/A), and it will have 30% of Dutch administration.

Port of Pecém - 2009

Port of Pecém - 2019

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