The Panama Canal expansion project in 2016, doubling the capacity of traffic lanes, changed the global logistic business, directly benefiting the Port of Pecém (Brazil), which thanks to its strategic logistics location was placed among the new global logistics routes.

This is the context where the POLO MULTIMODAL PECÉM arises.


The POLO MULTIMODAL PECÉM is one of the first Smart City in the world to leverage blockchain technology since its founding.

An innovative logistics hub powered by renewable energies, integrating logistics, commerce and residences.

The combination of Blockchain, Internet of Things (IOT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies integrated with real estate infrastructure development allows smart buildings and smart solutions, increase efficiency and business competitiveness, contributing and benefiting citizens and the entire Smart Chain City ecosystem.

Intelliggence Center: Management and Technology

Sustainaible Multimodal Square


The Polo Multimodal will become the world’s first blockchain-powered and asset tokenization "use case" applied to a Smart Chain City.

The asset-backed Security Token (PoloToken) will be issued through the holding company Polo Swiss Development AG based in Zug, Switzerland.


  • Dividend Rights

  • Voting Rights


The smart chain city will be constructed on the assets (lands) under the ownership of Polo Swiss Development AG.

  • The initial price of the Polo Token/share is based on the value of the current land valuation.

  • The selling price of the Polo Token/share will be based on the current project valuation.

Smart Chain City's progressive construction will create exponential value in the short term for Token holders, in line with the construction plan of the Smart Chain City.

POLO MULTIMODAL PECÉM combines guarantee and solidity of a real estate project with its innovative concept of smart city powered by blockchain. The union of these characteristics enables a replicable and scalable business model, allowing a strong upside for investors.



Expansion of the Panama Canal in 2016

The Panama Canal expansion project (“Third Set of Locks Project”) costing $5.3 billion was completed in 2016, doubling the capacity of traffic lanes and changing the global logistics business.

The expanded canal began operations in June 2016, enabling new larger ships (“Post-Panamax”) to transport twice as much cargo than previous ships, becoming the world’s most important logistics hub.


New Global Strategic Route

As a consequence of the expansion of the Panama Canal in 2016, the Port of Pecém has since become a new global strategic logistic route.

Privileged with its 18 meters natural depth and with its strategic geographical location in the world, the Port of Pecém has become a new frontier in the global logistic market.


Fastest Growing Port in Latin America

The Port of Pecém is the fastest growing port in Latin America

with an outstanding 34% growth rate on average per year since its inauguration in 2002.

The Port of Pecém forecast to triple trade volume by 2030.


Port of Rotterdam Authority

In October 2018, the Port of Rotterdam acquired a 30% share in the logistics and industrial park for $85m to participate in the development of Port of Pecém, validating the potential of this new region.


Press Release:

It is a region with a consolidated infrastructure which in scarcely ten years has received R$ 28,5 billions investment. It has already 27 companies from ten different countries established there and currently their activities create around 50.000 jobs.


The Vision to Purchase the Best Lands

Polo Multimodal is located just 15 km from the public area of Port of Pecém, which includes a Free Trade Zone (ZPE). We purchased the best private land 10 years ago in the back port area of this public area.

The infrastructure includes electricity, water, and a fibre optical network. The “Transnordestina” railway and large front on the federal highway allow a quick connection to Port of Pecém and Fortaleza Airport.



Arguably, The World's First Smart Chain City

With over 20 million m² of private acquired land, the Polo Multimodal Pecém project will become one of the world’s first blockchain-powered “Smart Chain City”.

The Smart Chain City will enable a modern logistics platform integrated with
eco-residences to boost the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and large multinational companies.

Facilitating Leading-Edge Technologies

We envision a new model of Smart Chain City where residences, industries, commercial areas, and services coexist in a sustainable and symbiotic ecosystem enabled by a blockchain-powered economy.

The POLOCHAIN LAB, designed with the most rigorous sustainability criteria will facilitate new cutting-edge technologies, increasing competitiveness, and scalability of the Polo Multimodal.

Everything will be tokenized and traded, from warehouses and residences, to every single piece of infrastructure.

All information will be recorded on Smart Contracts, from rental agreements to the transfer of property, increasing transparency, reducing cost, and eliminating bureaucracy.

IoT enabled devices will be integrated into the operations of the Smart Chain City, leveraging Artificial Intelligence to optimize the utilization and sustainability of the resources.

The ‘Polocoin’ – a Payment Utility Token will be generated for payments and exchange of value in the ecosystem.


A Self-Financing Development Strategy

The modularity of the Polo Multimodal lands allows for development of infrastructure in phases, in which the project becomes self-financing through reinvestment of profits, in accordance with our Financial Plan.

Thanks to this self-financing approach, the project requires lower Capex, generates higher dividends and decreases the risk of low vacancy rates, mitigating the impact of any cyclical economic crises in the future.


Polo Swiss Development AG

To achieve this, the Polo Swiss Development AG was established in Switzerland in June 2019. The areas of incorporated land in Brazil on which the construction of the Smart Chain City will be developed, will be transferred to the new legal entity in Switzerland.

Polo Swiss Development AG is an asset backed Swiss company headquartered in Zug. The first part of the asset transfer process (Current Asset Valuation: USD 40m) will include construction licenses, necessary for the development of the first 3-years of the Smart Chain City.


Polo Security Token (Polo Token)

To finance the development of the Smart Chain City, up to 49% of the company shares will be sold in the next 36 months .

Polo Security Token (POLO) – Key Benefits:

  • Right to distribution of profits generated by the Smart Chain City

  • Right to vote on operational and strategic topics in the Smart Chain City

  • Option to convert the POLO Token into ordinary shares of Polo Swiss Development AG with a fixed conversion ratio

  • Conversion Ratio: 1 Polo Swiss Registered Company Share = 3 POLO Tokens



Investment Proccess Flowchart

Investor enter at the price of the current land valuation.

The POLO Token will be listed at the price of the current project valuation
(DCF methodology) via secondary market (Exchange).

Building infrastructure on the purchased land will create value e generate dividends.


Valuation Methodology: The “Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)” method was applied for the valuation of the Polo Multimodal Pecém assets based on the expected value of future cash flows generated by this asset.


Berkeley Research Group (BRG) – a leading US-based global independent valuation firm developed the Business Case and Valuation of the POLO MULTIMODAL PECÉM project, based on 3 scenarios:

  • Conservative Scenario (30% market share): 
    USD 421 million

  • Realistic Scenario  (50% market share):**
    USD 530 million

  • Optimistic Scenario (70% market share):
    USD 626 million

** POLO Token Listing Price = 5.30 USD


The Public Sale of the Security Token Offering (STO) and subsequent token listing in 2020 shall be based on the Realistic Scenario valuation of $5.30 per token as per the BRG valuation. However, we may decide to perform a new valuation with BRG, taking into account the recent domicile of the company in Switzerland and the positive economic activities taking place in the Port of Pecém, which may result in a higher token listing price.


The liquidity will be ensured by listing the POLO Token through the main international Exchange Markets, after the asset tokenisation in 2020.

We will list it immediately in the STX SWISS and TAIBI EXCHANGE to provide immediate liquidity to POLO token holders.

We plan to list in the Swiss Digital Exchange (SDX) that is currently under development by the main Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX Group).

We expect to be listed progressively on other exchanges around the world, thereby providing further liquidity to investors.


We will create the "POLO Reserve Fund" by allocating around 15-20% of POLO tokens to the fund.

As we are dedicated to ensuring price stability of the POLO Security Token for our investors and token holders, we will create a Reserve Fund to manage our own monetary policy – just as the central banks do today around the world with fiat monetary policy (e.g. Quantitative Easing, etc).

We are also aware of the issues with "pump-and-dump" schemes that many cryptocurrencies are prone to, including the short and long-term price fluctuation in circulating tokens – and therefore, we will have limitations in the sale of purchased tokens in the first three years of development (e.g. 1/3 per year).

Polo Reserve Fund Core Functions

The POLO Reserve Fund will be split into two core functions to keep the POLO token price stable in the markets.

  • I. Release POLO tokens into the market if the POLO token circulation decreases significantly and as a consequence pushes token prices up rapidly. For example, in the event that the POLO token displays severe price volatility as a direct result of 'scarcity': the Reserve Fund may gradually release/sell POLO tokens to the market.

  • II. Purchase POLO tokens from the market if the POLO token price devalues excessively. Despite our expectations for the value of the POLO token to appreciate over time as we complete the development of the Smart Chain City, the cryptocurrency markets are inherently volatile and speculative. As a result, the POLO token may become subject to excessive sell volumes resulting in a significant drop in token price. To counter this potential risk, we will first ensure that we limit the size of each investment in POLO tokens and we don't onboard "whale investors" (heavyweights or bulk investors who can move the market and manipulate token prices). Secondly, our POLO Reserve Fund will intervene by buying back POLO tokens in an effort to stabilize the token price in the market.

The POLO Reserve Fund shall be the sole property of Polo Swiss Development AG and these funds cannot be accessed and distributed to employees or investors. The POLO Security Token is designed to appreciate in value over time in line with the development of the Smart Chain City, which is further supported by the additional value created by the seven upside factors ("Catalyst Programs"). As such, we believe there is a strong incentive for investors to hold their POLO tokens and benefit from this long-term investment growth asset, which also offers investors liquidity and flexibility to exit at any time should they desire to.



Limitations in the sale of purchased tokens that will be listed over the first three years of development (e.g. 1/3 per year).


Global community starting from september 2019.

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First "Success Case" in Switzerland

The tokenisation platform is provided by Token Factory – the technology provider behind BlockImmo, a proven real-estate platform that will tokenize and distribute the POLO Security Tokens worldwide.

The Asset Tokenisation Platform

About BlockImmo: A blockchain-powered platform of Token Factory Switzerland AG – a technology company in Zug. Blockimmo is a state-of-the-art crowdfunding platform for Real Estate that tokenised and transacted the first real estate property in Switzerland. It also recently launched its own security token (IMMO), which is already trading on Token Factory’s decentralized exchange STX-SWISS.


First Property Tokenized and Transact

  • Zug based Real Estate
    (Mix of residential and commercial)

  • 18 apartments and 1 Restaurant

  • Valuation at approx. CHF 15 M

  • 20% of the building was tokenized and sold

  • 4 Investors acquired various shares (tokens) of the building

  • Shares (tokens) can be as small or as big depending targeted Investor audience

Club Deal - Zug.png
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Leading humanity to a realiable difital life

Based on the blockchain, Waltonchain resorts to RFID technology to promote blockchain from the Internet to the Internet of Things to realize the concept of Value Internet of Things so as to create an authentic, traceable and data-fully shared, completely transparent business model. The purpose is to build a public chain of commercial ecology at the bottom of the chain. On this chain, merchants can build various sub-chains according to their own needs. The main characteristics of business ecosystem for all the data (including property ownership data, commodity flow data, etc.) are authentic, tamper-resistant, with a timestamp, so will be able to build a truly reliable business eccosystem.



  • Via IoT devices:
    Vehicles, ...

  • Via API for central Server:
    Finance Report, 
    Assets Information,
    Insurance bill, ...



  • Payment within the ecosystem:
    - Car parking, 

    - Supermarket,
    - Restaurant,
    - Electricity fee

  • Reward returned from service and purchase

  • Seamless global management:
    - Transparent transactions 
    - Uniform standards

  • Enterprise rankings and rewards:
    - Low carbon emissions
    - Fee payment situation
    - Client visit
    - Staff number
    - Contribution to the Lab


As long as the goods leave the smart supermarket container or the RFID chip is torn, Polo coin will automatically deduct from user account that scan to open the container.

With Blockchain traceability technology, the terminal can track the geographical location information and the transportation process of the goods through the RFID chip.

The smart chain city ecosystem is built on Waltonchain System as a child chain (Polo chain).


  • Build a platform for smart chain city

  • Provide IoT devices and smart container

  • Customize APPs and polo coin wallet

  • Polo community operation in Asia.

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The Accelerator Program

A true end-to-end practitioner service for blockchain startups and enterprises. Experienced blockchain entrepreneurs enable projects to launch successful blockchain-powered businesses and Security Token Offerings (STOs).

  • Strategic Advisory

  • Swiss Incorporation

  • Board Representation

  • Business Model Design

  • Legal, Tax & Regulatory

  • Tokenomic Model Design

  • Ecosystem Risk Assessment

  • Investment Case / Fact Sheet

  • Investor Outreach / Pitch Events

  • Security Token Offering (STO)

  • Project & Partner Management


ESSE S logo.png


We are building the first Platform-as-a-Service specifically designed for the Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) sector.

A proprietary, AI and blockchain-based data certification platform to enable technology-driven growth by automating the certification of products and industrial processes.

  • Vest. - a Traceability, Transparency & Anti-Counterfeiting application with proactive features to improve customer engagement and strengthen brand leadership positioning;

  • DigiCert - a digital certification and verification for documents and reports within cross-border, multi-stakeholder ecosystems;

  • E.platform. - a scalable, cost effective, seamless Platform as a Service for advanced validation facilitating different levels of tracking validating.


There are 7 high potential parallel projects linked to the main smart chain city project, capable of creating great value in the event of implementation.

We chose to not include the additional projects in the project valuation nor in the land valuation.

The Polo multimodal is currently working on these 7 projects and owns options, rights, private and public agreements to develop them.

In the event of a positive outcome of any of these  7 parallel projects, a great value will be created for shareholders  which is not considered in the current price of the share/token.

In this sense we call them Upside Factors.


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