The Polo Multimodal Pecem is about to start its activities, with the incorporation of the holding company Polo Swiss Development AG, based in CryptoValley, Zug, Switzerland. This is an international company  for the development of smart cities based on the Smartchain concept, whose local governance will be regulated through Smartcontracts.

The first Smartchain City is under construction in an area of ​​over 20 million square meters, already acquired by the group, behind of the port of Pecem, Ceará, Brazil.

The Polo Swiss Development AG will hold the shares of the Polo multimodal Pecem, which is the current owner of the physical assets (land). The Swiss company will also own the rights, options, agreements and future profits of all parallel projects (Upside Factors). In addition, it will issue the Polo Security Tokens (PSTOKENS) that represent the company's securities that will be listed on the main regulated exchange markets worldwide.

The project  team is international with know how in real estate development, logistics and blockchain.

The Polo Security Token (PST) is a security that guarantees its holder the right to profit participation from the Polo Multimodal project. Therefore, it is not a corporate share: the holder of the Polo token is not a member of the Polo Multimodal AG, being outside the risks of the company, and benefiting only from the economic result, receiving part of the profits coming from the company activity in the measure of the percentages it possesses through tokens.

100 million PST will be issued. The Smart Contract will block the number of token emissions beyond this limit in such a way as to make new issues in the same blockchain impossible. The initial token price will be determined by the following equation:

                   1,56 billion                  =    R$ 15,6

   100.000.000 (number of token)   (US$ 4,21)*

Exchange rate considered:

$ 1,00 = R$ 3,70 / R$ 1,00 = $ 0,27.

Thus, by dividing R$ 1.56 billion (Valuation of the Real Estate project) for the total of tokens, we have the initial value of R$ 15,6 (US$ 4,21).

In the future, the token holder will be able to trade the token worldwide through the regulated exchange markets where the Polo Token will be listed.


The initial value of the token will evolve together with the development of the Polo Multimodal physical project and the performance of negotiations on the secondary market.

The Security Token Offering (STO) is the process of opening a company's capital to the public, similar to a traditional Initial Public Offering (IPO).

As for an IPO, the main purpose of an STO is fundraising. However, evolving from the traditional IPO model, the STO has global reach.

The STO is not limited to trading on one or two markets (such as B3 or NYSE), but rather to several exchanges of digital assets or even autonomously by the token investor for another person interested in acquiring it.

Thanks to its development in a digital platform, through the Internet, the STO has an international fund raising potential.

In this way, through the STO of the Polo Multimodal, anyone in any part of the world can acquire the Polo Security Tokens that represent the right to the economic performance of a company, under Swiss law, which holds the physical assets (land) in the strategic region of Pecém.



After the Panama Canal expansion, the port of Pecém began to gain a growing importance in the international logistics scenario. With its 18 metres natural depth, it is on the list of the main ports in the world capable to dock large containers ships (post-panamax)  and it has been attracting relevant overseas investments to the region in the last few years.



In 2016 was inaugurated the steel mill complex CSP (a joint venture between the Korean Dongkuk, Posco and the Brazilian Vale do Rio Doce) now working at full capacity. With a 5.6 billion dollars investment (increasing Ceará industrial GDP in 48%), it exports steel worldwide.



In 2018 was opened the new maritime route Maersk connecting the port of Singapure to Pecém and it is the only destination port in Brazil. This route represents an average economy of 10 to 15 days sailing compared with the traditional route surrounding Africa.


It is worth pointing out the partnership deal with the port of Rotterdam, the largest European hubport which will run the port of Pecém and the public area of the Exportation Processing Zone (ZPE).

It is a region with a consolidated infrastructure which in scarcely ten years has received R$ 28,5 billions investment. It has already 27 companies from ten different countries established there and currently their activities create around 50.000 jobs.




2002 / 2017: 34% year

Track record of Movement in the Port of Pecém (in tonnes)

Growth Estimate (Source: Port of Rotterdam)

It is a project with over 20 million square meters located in the logistic corridor of Port of Pecém, in the municipality of São Gonçalo do Amarante, State of Ceará.

Conceived to house both national and international companies from different sectors, the POLO MULTIMODAL PECEM was designed within the most modern and rigorous criteria of infrastructure, technology and sustainability; promoting innovation to contribute to the progress of a new industrial age.

The integration of the main modals helps to speed up the logistics procedures with cost reduction, increased competitiveness and efficiency for an integrated management system.

Optical fiber connection, technological innovation, smart networks and automation of processes to meet the 4.0 industry.

Adoption of the model A+ construction to provide renewable source with energy and water efficiency gains, waste management and control of social and environmental impacts.

The POLO MULTIMODAL PECEM is a 100% private project that occupies the best areas situated at the rear of the harbour, in the proximity of the industrial park of Pecém port.

With an area over 20 million m², the Polo Multimodal has a natural infrastructure facing the highway BR-222 with railway, energy and optical fiber included.

The Polo Multimodal represents a unique project in Latin America in terms of size, turnover and socio-economic impact that can be profitable in the future. Due to its location in a strategic area of significant development, it is drawing the attention of important international players.

  • The architectural design was elaborated by Alcindo dell'Agnese.

  • The Market Demand Study was conducted by Urban Systems.

  • The study of the existing offer was made by Colliers International.

  • Business and evaluation plans were conducted in August 2018 by the Berkeley Research Group.


Polo Multimodal has the ownership and rights of the seven projects, whose implementation, in the short and medium term, will bring about a significant increase in the value and profits of Polo Multimodal and, consequently, the appreciation of the Token in the Exchange.

The distinguishing feature of the Multimodal Polo Security Token is that, in addition to the real estate business, seven (7) Upside Factors are being implemented that are not included in the current assessment and in the company’s profit expectations, which may generate an additional positive effect than expected in Real Estate.



The Token Holder of the Polo Multimodal, therefore, in addition to the expected return on the valuation of the Real Estate component, will also have the righ to economic result of a series of businesses that are not considered today in the present value of the token. The progressive realization of each project in parallel should involve an increasing of the value compared to the current one (UPSIDE), and a consequent raising of the price of the token in the regulated market. Each project will be successfully subjected to a joint venture or to a spin-off aimed at raising its funds for execution.


The seven (7) Upside Factors, besides to have an underlying direct impact on token appreciation and future profit generation, have a significant indirect impact as well.

The creation of the parallel projects will enable the development of the entire area of influence and the context where the Polo Pecem Multimodal is located. As a consequence, the core business of Polo Multimodal, which is the real estate sector, will also benefit from it indirectly.

Above all, the 7 Upside Factors will boost demand for new companies and new business that they will naturally attract with their implementation.

As described in the relation between demand and valuation of Polo Multimodal*, the increase in the demand component directly and positively affects the valuation of the token of Polo Multimodal.

The successful outcome of the 7 Parallel Projects will affect the value of the token directly (intrinsic upside factor value) and indirectly (induced demand increase).

*The study, elaborated by Urban System, is available for consultation upon request of the investor.

 Polotech Incubator.



Exchange rate considered:

$ 1,00 = R$ 3,70 / R$ 1,00 = $ 0,27.

The Polo Security Token combines the solidity of a real estate project, located in a strategic area of ​​Latin America, with a series of parallel projects of great potential (the Upside Factors) in the logistics, energy and technology sectors.

For investors who access this "Exclusive Offer" up to the international public offer (listing of the Polo token in the Exchange Markets), the price of the Polo Token will be based solely on the current valuation of the Real Estate project.

In this way, parallel projects represent an additional positive factor that, based on the progressive realization, can significantly influence the price of the token on the Exchange Market.

Before the STO, a new valuation will be carried out assessed by one of the big four companies. The new assessment will therefore include not only the infrastructure and construction works made up to

The new assessment will therefore include not only the infrastructure and construction works made up to that moment in the Polo Multimodal, but also the valuation of all parallel projects (Upside Factors) on the basis of their progress, which today have not been considered in the current price.

The expectation is that the current price of the token may already have a significant increase before the Security Token Offering, rewarding the investors (token holders) who have entered the initial phase.

For investors entering this " Exclusive Offer Phase", a premium of + 50% is also recognized immediately at the time of the investment.

Once the Polo Token is listed on the Exchange Market regulated in the host country, the price of the token may fluctuate based on the dynamics typical of the token security markets, allowing token holders to be able to trade the token as a normal stock (sell and buy), and to receive profits distributed by the company.


The Security token gives you the right to participate in the economic output of the company through the distribution of profits.


Negotiable in exchange markets.


Short-term liquidity option (through the sale of tokens in the Foreign Exchange Market).


Progressive valuation of investment in regulated markets according to the real implementation of the project.



Polo Swiss Development AG is a society asset-backed, that incorporate the real estate area of the physical project, already acquired with all rights, all options, the licenses and the agreements that establish the 7 parallel projects.


Our token was created based on the stellar (XLM) blockchain. 
Designed for local and international transactions, with lower cost and faster negotiations, it does not need mining.


The Polo Multimodal is a long term Real Estate project with a high potential of generation of profits over time in a strategic international area and very fast growing, with the big differential of supply an option of liquidity for the short term investors (be possible by the possibility of negotiate the token in the regulated marked).


7 projects parallel and high potential incorporated in the Polo Swiss Holding, current not included in the initial price of the stock share (based in the Real Estate value), in order to generate profits and increase the price del token in the regulated market.


OFFER of R$ 1 million via crowdfunding, directed to Brazilian investors and regulated by the CVM.


PRIVATE PLACEMENT of USD 20 million for the construction of the first phase of the Smartchain Industry, Factory and City.


PUBLIC OFFER to finalize the project infrastructure and maintenance of microeconomics created by Blockchain. The token asset will be listed on the world's top regulated exchanges (SIX, Finance, Open Finance and others).

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