FAQs and questions about POLO MULTIMODAL PECÉM.

1. Why the name Polo Multimodal?

The name Polo Multimodal is due to the integration of the modalities that allows the business fluency in the Porto of Pecém region via land (road), rail, sea and air transportation.

2. What is the urban design of the Polo Multimodal?

The urban project of the Polo Multimodal proposes the sectorization of the area of ​​2,000 ha, besides the design of an Airport to complement the modal. The urbanistic project focuses on the logistic and industrial use and the planning of all the resources for this development. Areas for trade, services and homes will be integrated in order to value the region over the long term.

3. What is the distance between the Polo Multimodal and the city of Fortaleza?

The POLO MULTIMODAL PECEM is located in the municipality of São Gonçalo do Amarante - CE, approximately 60 km from the capital of Ceará, in the metropolitan region of Fortaleza.

4. What is the distance between the Polo Multimodal, the Port of Pecém and the Export Processing Zone (EPZ)??

he distances between the Polo Multimodal to the Port of Pecém and the EPZ are approximately 30km and 15km, respectively.

5. What are the main nuclei of the Polo Multimodal?

The Polo Croatá and Polo Umarituba are the main centers of urbanization of the Polo Multimodal. These nuclei connect through the railway branch that crosses the interior of the terrain in the direction parallel to Highway BR-222 and through the helipads that will be constructed in each Polo. Two other major future deployment areas are planned to join the Polo Multimodal, namely: the Polo Pecem Airport and the Polo Energy Park.

6. Is the Polo Multimodal located in a rural or urban area?

The Polo Multimodal is situated in an urban area.

7. What is the Polo Energy Park?

The Polo Energy Park is an area that will house renewable energy arrays to serve customers installed at the Polo Multimodal through distributed generation.

8. What is the current status of the Airport?

Currently administrative and licensing processes are underway in the competent bodies (ANAC and COMAER).

9. What is the area destined to the industry and logistics of the Polo Multimodal?

There are 7,700,000 m² of space for industry and logistics, warehouses and warehousing services, storage of cargoes and containers, drainage of inputs.

10. What is the size of the residential area?

There are 4,000 m² of area destined to the construction of more than 20,000 residences.

11. What is the area destined to trade and services of the Polo Multimodal?

There are 2,200,000 m² of area dedicated to commerce and services.


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